Our aim is to provide the highest quality dental care and advice, and make your dental visits as pleasant and painless as possible.

As you might have already discovered, we take dental health seriously; it is an important part of your general health and well being.

Our Philosophy
Remember the old saying 'Prevention is better than cure?" Like with many things in life, this is very true in regard to your dental health. The emphasis of our practice is on Preventive Care. Without a doubt, the prevention of dental disease is less costly and more comfortable than the repair of dental disease.

Dental disease is generally preventable, and it is our aim to make this a reality for you. If your dental health is less than optimal, we will work together to restore it. Once having achieved that goal, we will then endeavour to maintain your teeth and gums in a healthy, attractive condition for life. We are an amalgam free practice.

Our Team
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