Materials used for filling teeth must have certain characteristics - the most important points to mention are strength and durability.

They must withstand chewing forces and obviously some teeth have to withstand more pressure than others, therefore the material used for restoration will also be dependent on the tooth that needs restoring.

At Riverview Totnes, our materials of choice for restoring teeth are composite resin and porcelain.

Composite Resin / White Fillings
Composite Resin, also known as white fillings, is a mixture of tooth-coloured plastic filled with silicon oxide (glass) used to fill cavities or tooth decay.

The filling restores damaged parts of teeth, prevent further damage, and return it to its normal function. More importantly, white filling makes the restoration look more natural as it matches the colour of your natural teeth.

In the past, white fillings were used only in front teeth because they are not strong enough to withstand the pressure and daily wear produced at the back teeth. (Amalgam 'silver' filling is used for back teeth.) Today, since composite resin has been significantly improved, white fillings can be used on every part of the teeth whether at the front or in the back.

Porcelain Restorations
The preferred material for crowns, veneers, inlays and onlays is porcelain. Offering a secure and strong restoration, porcelain can act like a natural tooth in strength, function and appearance.

Amalgam Replacement
Mercury is one of the most toxic substances in existence. Traditional Amalgam Silver fillings contain a large constituent of Mercury; approximately fifty percent. Clinical studies have shown that Mercury can be absorbed by the body and build up over time. Exposure to Mercury can lead to numerous, severe health problems and complications.

At Riverview Totnes we are a Mercury free practice. We have introduced safe and non-toxic treatment materials for clients. Every step is taken to ensure the removal and disposal of Mercury is correct and safe.

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